The State of Nursing Salaries

In Healthcare, Human Capital Trends on March 16, 2010 at 6:10 pm

 Written by Brian Hudson 2008

The most recent issue of Advance for Nurses, Sandy Keefe, MSN, RN and Karin Lillis dissect the State of Nursing Salaries with some very important points that both clients and candidates should be aware of.
1. As demand continues to remain high, nurses can expect higher salaries – especially those with specialty skills.
2. Education and experience pays – over 50% of nurse managers and case managers made between $60k and $90k annually.
3. The economic issues’ affecting the country does not mean that the demand for nurses will diminish. According to Mary Lou Brunnel, MSN, RN executive director of the Florida Center for Nursing; “Economic changes are “blips” that have no lasting impact on nursing needs. Employers might freeze hiring or delay growth until the economy recovers – so there could be a false impression the shortage is resolving, if people think that us a valid situation, they could cut funds or lose interests in implementating resolutions – big mistake.” Progressive organizations are taking proactive measures to ensure that they are upgrading talent in a down economy. According to the article, the new pay for performance and CMS regulations will see “highly skilled nurses” moving to organizations that “value their contributions.”


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