Have you lost any good people? Part 2

In Executive Leadership, Healthcare, Human Capital Trends, Operational Excellence on March 16, 2010 at 6:05 pm

By Brian Hudson | Originally written January 22, 2008

According to Ann Smith, MPA, MT (ASCP), CHE, Associate Hospital Director, University of Kentucky Hospital, in today’s healthcare environment, hiring the right person for the job and retaining that employee are skills critical to your success. But you can’t do it alone. Smith also points out the cost of 40%-60% of annual salary for each person lost has a draining affect on the company bottom line. In a survey entitled “Job Forecast 2007 – Healthcare”, 21% of healthcare workers plan to leave their current positions in the coming year. Can you afford not to have a retention strategy?
The advantage of using a recruiter  is that they become an integral part of your retention strategy – if you pick the right one! Improving retention can most effectively be addressed internally. Recruiting can most effectively be done externally.

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