Have you lost any good people? Part 1

In Executive Leadership, Healthcare, Human Capital Trends, Operational Excellence on March 16, 2010 at 6:03 pm

By Brian Hudson | Originally written January 22, 2008

Have you lost any good people that you wish you would not have lost? What did it cost you is lost time, productivity, morale, work life balance? In retrospect, could you have done something to prevent the person leaving?
For most the answer is YES. “IF I could spend more time focused on RETENTION and internal culture, then I could prevent the majority of my turnover” is what most people feel. Many professionals today are caught in the never ending cycle of – “recruit, hire, train, recruit, rehire, retrain” – while they may win a battle here or there – they know they are losing the war! The cycle must change to a different model where you become a talent manager! This model is “SELECT, TRAIN, RETAIN – SELECT, TRAIN, RETAIN.”
What are you doing to ensure RETENTION? What strategies do you have in place? What resources are you putting forth to get to the SELECT, TRAIN, RETAIN model?
In Love Em’ or Leave Em: Getting Good People to Stay, authors Kaye and Jordan-Evans surveyed 12,000 people identifying the 20 reasons why they remained at a company. The top three reasons were retention intangible items; Exciting work & challenge, learning and development, and making a difference. If the majority of your time is spent on recruiting and hiring, chances are you are not as effective as you can be and your workplace is less effective. If your time is spent recruiting and filling positions that can be reduced by better retention strategies – then start outsourcing the recruiting function – because retention is something that can only be addressed

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